It’s Good to Have Choices. Deciding on Just One, Now That’s A Different Story.

Blinds, Shades and Draperies

Wooden blinds could be your best friend when you need privacy and light control. Don’t be afraid to choose natural wood finishes, which add sophistication to a room. The sun coming through natural wood blinds creates a glow like candlelight.

Cellular/Honeycomb shades are another option for privacy and light control. They can roll down from the top to let in sun, while providing privacy at the bottom.

Sunshades are the answer when you have too much sun but want to see outside. Made of dense but see-through mesh, they block harsh light without sacrificing the view.

Vinyl roller blinds fit the bill when you need to block out the light.  add a valance on top to hide the shade when it’s rolled up.

Roman shades are a perfect compromise when personal tastes differ—for example, when one person wants a clean, handsome look and another wants a soft, romantic feel. Roman shades bring in color, pattern and warmth without making a room frilly.

Curtains can serve more than one purpose as you’re sprucing up or redecorating. They’re great for creating a mood—like in a dining area or adult bedroom. You can have privacy and create a casual or formal look. If you’re on a budget or in a time crunch, curtains are a great choice.

With all the style choices available in curtains. Polyester is one that’s gaining popularity. It’s family friendly and requires minimal maintenance. Today, high-quality, low-cost polyester draperies—from sheer, gauzy fabrics for spring to rich brocades for fall—come in just about every color and pattern.

The choices are plentiful and more than one could meet your wants and needs. Call Midcoast Blinds and Shades today for a free consultation. We can help you decide what works best for you and your home. (207) 236-0765

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