What to Expect When You Call Midcoast Blinds and Shades.

A question we have been asked recently “What happens when someone calls Midcoast Blinds and Shades and asks about  their windows and what can be done with them?”  The answer is: When someone calls for a consultation I usually ask them what they currently have for window treatments?  What are you envisioning for your windows?
What types of problems are you encountering such as, heat loss or too much sun?  Are you looking for blinds, shades, draperies or some sort of combination?  If they are looking for a certain fabric, I will ask them if they have a color preference so I can get the fabric together to show them.  I also ask if they are looking for a print or for something plain.  It is really good to know if they have a budget in mind; having a figure to work with, gives me an idea of how elaborate we can get.  You might be surprised how nice your windows can look on a limited budget!
One final question would be since your order is important to us and is custom made, when do you need to have the project completed?  Because your order is done to your specification, this process can take up to 3 to 4 weeks.
My mother, Judith Grossman has been in business over 30 years and so many people in this area know, love and respect her. I have learned when needed, I can count on her vast knowledge and experience and this has only made me better at what I do.
Give Karen a call at Midcoast Blinds and Shades (207) 236-0765

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